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A new way to connect with your favourite video game servers

Ikamu.io is the easiest way of receiving real-time updates on the status of your favourite community game servers.
Push notifications are available to help you never miss your favourite maps again!
Server Current Map Game Players Last Changed
Community dust2 Casual de_dust2 Counterstrike: Global Offensive 10/12 3 minutes ago
ikamu.io #1 custom map ONLY one_4_nine Left 4 Dead 2 3/8 5 seconds ago
CSS buddiesHangout 24/7 Zombie Escape ze_bioshock_v7_1 Counterstrike: Source 64/64 1 hour ago
Ikamu.io TF2 24/7 Payload! pl_upwards Team Fortress 2 29/32 30 seconds ago


Forget the Steam server browser; view your favourite game servers wherever you are!

View your favourite game servers recent history; decide where to play next.

Near-realtime notifications pushed to your device when your favourite servers start playing your favourite maps.

See a recent timetime spanning all your game servers; a current view of your favourite online communities!

Popular Steam server browser games are supported, including but not limited to Counterstrike: Global Offensive, Garry's Mod, Counterstrike: Source.

Is your favorite game not supported/not working? Please make a request through the website and we'll endeavour to add it to our service.

Desktop (Chrome/Chromium-based browsers, Firefox, Edge) and Chrome for Android supported. Mobile & desktop apps are coming soon.


You can enjoy Ikamu.io's features for free, but if you'd like to support the project directly please consider contacting us about becoming a Paid Tier member. You'll receive plenty of benefits. Trials are also available on request.

Ikamu.io is not currently a for-profit service. Donations received will go exclusively towards hosting costs.

Free Tier

  • Monitor up to 3 game servers concurrently
  • Watch for up to 5 specific map/level names across watched game servers

Paid Tier (available upon request)

  • Monitor up to 20 game servers concurrently
  • Watch for up to 50 specific map/level names across watched game servers
  • Wildcard map/level name watching support (e.g. de_dust* will match de_dust and de_dust2)